Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I like to talk with trees

Calling all tree people

Sometimes when I'm out in the woods exploring, I like to make friends with the plants and trees and bugs...well not all bugs, no actually I don't like making friends with the bugs. But I do feed the plant life. It's funny the plants aren't as receptive to Kit and Kaboodle as Elbow my cat. But I feed them any way. Sometimes I tell them secrets like.....oh....that my sister and her boyfriend like to do things when my parents aren't around...DO things.She told me never to tell anyone. So I haven't except the trees...DO THINGS.

I sometimes pretend that I'm in the movie E.T. and the trees are trying to take me home safely. My family tells me I shouldn't waste so much time watching E.T. But I like him, I guess its because I relate to him so much...not the alien part or the fact that he's wrinkly and brown with a healing glowing finger...but the fact that we both likes Reese's pieces.

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  1. Leaf, I'm going shopping for the show today! I'll make sure I pick up some Reese's pieces for you!