Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blogging Nation-

I went to New Line's cue-to-cue .....Yeah....Wierd. I was a little startled and confused. Lights go on lights go off. On. Off. Sometimes off for quite a long time while the acting was still...acting. It was a lot different today then it was Thursday. It seemed on Thursday there was a clear plot....Today......Momma! Lights on, lights off. (I think they forgot a few songs as well) I mentioned this to Scott...the director, and he didn't seem to concerned. I don't know I've only seen one other musical and this is nothing like Cats.

I wonder if the Jonas brothers have ever done a musical. They're funny.

The missing Leaf

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh say does that star spangle jangle

I'm very VVVVVEEERRRYYYYY excited about firework day coming up. I have a secret stash of sparklers.... I hope things go better then last years fourth, that was a scary time for all. Who knew black snakes could get that big if you light all the packages together?!

Say hello Elbow.