Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I like to talk with trees

Calling all tree people

Sometimes when I'm out in the woods exploring, I like to make friends with the plants and trees and bugs...well not all bugs, no actually I don't like making friends with the bugs. But I do feed the plant life. It's funny the plants aren't as receptive to Kit and Kaboodle as Elbow my cat. But I feed them any way. Sometimes I tell them secrets like.....oh....that my sister and her boyfriend like to do things when my parents aren't around...DO things.She told me never to tell anyone. So I haven't except the trees...DO THINGS.

I sometimes pretend that I'm in the movie E.T. and the trees are trying to take me home safely. My family tells me I shouldn't waste so much time watching E.T. But I like him, I guess its because I relate to him so much...not the alien part or the fact that he's wrinkly and brown with a healing glowing finger...but the fact that we both likes Reese's pieces.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I need to sit down!?

Dear blogging machine-

So last week was awesome. One day at play practice everyone was reading out of this book and the next day they weren't... but they were saying the same thing that was in the book the day before. They said it was a script, and that is the way they will be telling the story of the Bee. I don't think that is accurate, because I do not remember having anything memorized when I was in the bee.

Oh, sorry I have not been able to blog as of late, momma Coneybear found out I was on the interweb looking up unicorns and I wanted one so bad I tried to glue a horn on to the dog... his name is Yum Yum. So now momma Coneybear has restricted my interweb and blogging. But she is at the salon. So I am writing you under an invisible blanket...eating gummy bears, listening to Don't Worry Be Happy! by Bobby Mcferrin.

I have been hanging out with Aaron a lot. We read over the book-script yesterday. He did his impression of me and I did my impression of him... he did not seem to like my impression. He said it was to mopey and that his hair line was not that bad...( I used a cereal bowl for his hair) He is so funny!

Last week at play practice the people in the show were DANCING!!! I was so excited that I joined in... It wasn't as easy for me... I think I may have hurt one of the actors...The doctor said only time will tell...I don't know what that means.

Well I hear the Coneybear wagon pulling up so I should stop for now... Tonight at play practice I am going to be a robot.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Aaron's house

Aaron invited me to his home today to help him with music...he's not very good. But his house, boy oh boy, has a lot of toys for someone of his age. He also gets a little grumpy if you touch them.

Can you keep a secret? I broke one of his dolls...no wait he said they were not dolls...What did he call them? A BUST, bust he called them busts.......seriously he has way to many dolls.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First week of play practice..Er.uh..music rehearsal

So New Line Theater, the batboy of musicals...Bats have funny noses, they look like roast beef, which I can not eat for the fear of falling into the folds of the beef! Oh I have been informed that New Line is the badboy of musicals. I don't like that as much as batboy, because my oldest sister's boyfriend always calls himself a badboy. I don't like him very much...not just because he talks about himself in third person. But because he twists my nipple bumps, yelling purple nerple... I...sorry what was I...OH, yes, so the director of New Line (Scott Miller...He has a very nice mustache) asked me to sit in on rehearsals, so that the person playing me (Aaron Allen...he smells like my grandfather' feet. And I think he is a bit too tall) in this musical called Spelling Bee gets my qqquuarrks down... I don't get it either. But, so Iwent all this week to music practice andI don't remember singing when I was at the bee...But Scott's the director. Sooooo there is alot of songs in this show, alot! My cat Elbow wants to say hello. Hold on.......

Say hello Elbow....dasjj;agao;... Momma Coneybear doesnt like Elbow on the computer, but when she goes shopping, my cat and I play on the computer. We laugh and type and laugh and...laugh. We also like to play Batman and Robin...But that's not as much fun, cause Elbow won't let me be Batman.

I have met alot of new people this week at rehearsal. They are all very nice and clean... except for the person playing Barfee (Nick Kelly) He scares me more then the real Barfee...He makes weird noises. But I look forward to next week, where Scott will be telling everybody to stand.....I know it is FUNNY!


P.S. They let me bring my potato sculptures to rehearsal