Thursday, June 4, 2009

First week of play rehearsal

So New Line Theater, the batboy of musicals...Bats have funny noses, they look like roast beef, which I can not eat for the fear of falling into the folds of the beef! Oh I have been informed that New Line is the badboy of musicals. I don't like that as much as batboy, because my oldest sister's boyfriend always calls himself a badboy. I don't like him very much...not just because he talks about himself in third person. But because he twists my nipple bumps, yelling purple nerple... I...sorry what was I...OH, yes, so the director of New Line (Scott Miller...He has a very nice mustache) asked me to sit in on rehearsals, so that the person playing me (Aaron Allen...he smells like my grandfather' feet. And I think he is a bit too tall) in this musical called Spelling Bee gets my qqquuarrks down... I don't get it either. But, so Iwent all this week to music practice andI don't remember singing when I was at the bee...But Scott's the director. Sooooo there is alot of songs in this show, alot! My cat Elbow wants to say hello. Hold on.......

Say hello Elbow....dasjj;agao;... Momma Coneybear doesnt like Elbow on the computer, but when she goes shopping, my cat and I play on the computer. We laugh and type and laugh and...laugh. We also like to play Batman and Robin...But that's not as much fun, cause Elbow won't let me be Batman.

I have met alot of new people this week at rehearsal. They are all very nice and clean... except for the person playing Barfee (Nick Kelly) He scares me more then the real Barfee...He makes weird noises. But I look forward to next week, where Scott will be telling everybody to stand.....I know it is FUNNY!


P.S. They let me bring my potato sculptures to rehearsal

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